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Specific proportions regarding the ideal depth of an emerald cut diamond have not been conclusively determined or published by Gemological Institute of America. Ideal proportion is more difficult to establish in an emerald cut diamond than it is in a round diamond. A round diamond has a consistent pavilion angle that makes ideal proportions easier to establish as a depth percentage. An emerald cut diamond has a pavilion that is made up of a angles that vary due to a unique pavilion shape and variance in length and width. (See Diagram)
Emerald Cut Diamond Cut Guide
Specifications for Ideal to Very Fine Cut

Select Emerald Cut Diamonds Within These Ranges

     total depth % ---------- 65% - 75%

     table % ---------------- 65% - 75%

     girdle thickness ---------Very Thin - Thick

     cullet ------------------ None - Medium

     polish ------------------ Excellent - good

     symmetry -------------- Excellent - Good

     flourescence ----------- None - Faint

     Length to width ratio --- 1.35 - 1.65 to 1

The depth percentage of an emerald cut diamond is determined by dividing the depth measurement by the diameter measurement. Diameter is determined by measuring an emerald cut diamond's width from side to side. The longer length measurement is not taken into consideration when calculating diameter. By viewing an emerald cut diamond from the end view you can see how slightly different the pavilion looks from that of a round diamond. Emerald cut diamonds require a diamond cutter to cut a steeper pavilion angle than what is normally cut on a round diamond. This steeper angle ensures greater brilliance in an emerald cut. An emerald cut diamond has a uniquely beautiful shape that is favored by many women for its beauty as well as its unique design capabilities.

The diagram illustrates a variety of emerald cuts showing resulting changes in appearance due to differing depth percentages and length-to-width ratios. The proper depth percentage for an emerald cut is between 65% and 75%. You will find that an emerald cut diamond cut within this range will deliver more brilliance. An emerald cut diamond cut shallower than 65% will let a greater percentage of light leak through the pavilion which results in less diamond brilliance. Emerald cut diamonds with depth percentages greater than 80% will appear darker in the center resulting from a large amount of light refracting through and out the bottom of the diamond.

When choosing an emerald cut diamond be aware of the depth percentage as well as measurements and length-to-width ratios. They will give you a clearer indication how an emerald cut diamond is shaped. Our Certified Gemologist-Appraisers will be happy help guide you to the most brilliant emerald cut diamond your money can buy.

Home >> Diamond Grading >> Diamond Shapes >> Emerald Shape >> Depth %